BAM Law Office

BAM Law Office LLC is the law firm from which Eve Rose Borenstein conducts her national “Not-for-Profit” and “Tax-Exempt Organization” compliance practice. Eve’s three decades of experience advising on the legal and practical issues that are unique to the tax-exempt sector informs her caring work with both Boards and managers and the professional community serving them.

Practice Areas

  • Startup and Exemption Qualification
  • Governance
  • Exempt Activities and Operational Mandates
  • Form 990 Guidance and Review
  • Playing with Others (Joint Ventures, Fiscal Sponsorship, etc.)
  • Reorganization and Complex Structures
  • Merger and Dissolution

Nationally-recognized “EO” Practitioner

Eve’s exempt organizations (EO) tax law expertise and skill in advocating for the sector before the IRS is widely respected. She is well-versed in both 501(c)-exemption rules and the reach of the unrelated business income tax, and routinely represents organizations on IRS ruling requests and/or status correspondence. Eve handles two-three audit representations (both IRS and from other federal authorities) a year for organizations throughout the country, and commonly advises organizations on public charity qualification issues, private foundation mandates, and the limitations and/or proscriptions on public advocacy and political engagement faced by 501(c)(3) organizations.

Training and Teaching

Eve provides Board and staff training on a variety of topics relating to management and/or overall compliance needs. Alone or with other collaborating professionals, Eve provides information and practical assistance in communicating on both Boards’ fiduciary responsibilities and management best practices. In addition, she trains on “staying on the right side” of the IRS, state charity authorities, and watchdog organizations, tasks that demand both the service of mission plus attention to administrative necessities!

The firm's clients receive timely, personal assistance from a nationally-recognized practitioner who provides practical solutions at reasonable rates.